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       from a dream to reality...       

In the embrace of nature, Mantra Bee emerged as more than a body care brand. It's a testament to mindfulness, wellness, and deep respect for our planet. My journey, was sparked in 2005 when my husband dragged me from Brisbane's tropical humidity to Southern California's desert dryness. It was a wake-up call. The ineffective moisturizers and the overwhelming list of harmful ingredients in everyday products highlighted an unsettling truth about the beauty industry.


The birth of our daughter in 2008 intensified our commitment to protect what's precious. Confronted with the harsh chemicals in baby wipes and other products, I was propelled to create my own natural alternatives. This necessity birthed a passion for organic skin care formulation, starting with simple, natural solutions like olive oil and evolving into a deep understanding of each ingredient's essence.


My most willing test subjects—my husband and daughter—were my pillars during this explorative phase. Their feedback was my compass, guiding each formulation, each blend, towards perfection. My husband's best friend, an unexpected yet enthusiastic participant in our journey, became a testament to the universal appeal and effectiveness of my creations. Their support wasn't just encouragement; it was validation that the path I was on wasn't just personal but universal.


After 15 years of dedication, Mantra Bee stands at a significant juncture. What began as a personal mission has grown into a broader commitment to share safer, more natural alternatives with the world. Mantra Bee embodies a dream nurtured with care, a journey of understanding and discovery, and a relentless pursuit of better, healthier choices.


As we introduce Mantra Bee, each product reflects our journey—a narrative of transformation, dedication, and a commitment to our planet's well-being. We invite you to be part of this journey, to enjoy products crafted with integrity and love. Welcome to Mantra Bee, where every item tells a story of hope for a healthier, more mindful world.

Mint Heart handcraft soap


   a promise of purity, love, and conscious living   

Vision: At Mantra Bee, we envision a world where the act of self-care goes beyond the individual. We dream of a harmonious existence where taking care of oneself is intrinsically linked to caring for the Earth. It's a world where every choice we make, every product we use, echoes our commitment to sustainability and wellness.


Mission: Our mission is simple yet profound. To share with the world body care products that are a symphony of nature's best ingredients and sustainable practices. We believe in the power of mindfulness, in the strength of mantras, and in the beauty of yoga. And through Mantra Bee, we aim to touch lives with products that are not just good for the skin but are also kind to our planet. Every balm, every oil, every essence is a promise—a promise of purity, love, and conscious living.

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